Due to our continued maintenance of the Botanical Garden, STENAPA staff regularly pass Knippenga and the land across the street where there are plans to construct Guyeau Estate. Guyeau Estate will include a small hotel (directly across from Knippenga and the Whale’s Tail restaurant) and a resort with high-end villas. STENAPA supports the economic development of Statia and the change in the island’s spatial development plan to make this development a possibility. Unfortunately, STENAPA has not had access to the application for the building permit for the small hotel nor the actual building permit. We also have not been included in the permitting process for the larger resort.

Our staff regularly observes activities already occurring on the lands of the Guyeau larger resort area. Due to the lack of transparency and communication, it is very difficult for us to advise the government about building in a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly way, which is one of STENAPA’s tasks. The neighbours of Guyeau are very worried about the rapid developments next door.

With this news posting, we want to let you know that STENAPA will continue to push for more transparency and communication where it concerns the development of Guyeau Estate.