The Board of STENAPA announces the appointment of Erik Boman as its new Director. Boman is the successor of Clarisse Buma who, after a three-year tenure, has decided to further her career in the Netherlands. With the appointment of Boman, a biologist, the Board anticipates that the level of scientific inquiry will increase especially as it relates to the coordination of research and monitoring in the National Parks and the island generally.

Erik Boman was born in Sweden andĀ came to Statia in 2010. He and his wife Anna worked for STENAPA as interns after they finished their Masters in biology. While Boman has been on the island for nine years, originally his intention was to only stay on the island for seven months as interns. During his nine years, he has worked as a data monitoring officer and will be finishing his PhD with Wageningen University this year.

Boman has worked and formed strong relationships with many local and regional stakeholders, especially with the fishermen. As Director of STENAPA, Boman intends to build on these relationships to advance the foundationā€™s collaborations. He will officially take over on 21 June. In the weeks before he will work alongside Buma and with the STENAPA team to get an overview of the tasks and responsibilities.

The Board of STENAPA expresses its gratitude to Ms Clarissa Buma for all the work she has done for the foundation.

Teresa Leslie (STENAPA Board President) and Erik Boman (Incoming Director) seal the deal.
I look forward to working together with all stakeholders, continuing to improve the management of the national parks and botanical garden.