Start your day at the Botanical Garden, it’s worth the journey!



Entry to the Botanical Garden is free however we appreciate any donation.

When you open the gate please be mindful to close it behind you.



Situated on the South side of the island;
it is reachable by bicycle, moped or car.

It is open from sunrise to sunset all year round.


Please notify us if you would like to camp in the botanical garden, with at least two days notice.

The garden also has a toilet and shower for your use.


Our botanical garden is the perfect place for a BBQ and also offers a front row seat to nature on St. Eustatius

Watch green lizards scurry along branches or humming birds dart around the flowers.

If you’re lucky you may even see a humpback whale on its way back home.

Spend the afternoon soaking up the calm, taking in the view and enjoying the breeze.

The garden gives access to the Bird Trail, which is connected to a network of trails on the Quill

It’s a good idea to….

  1. Visit often
  2. Host a picnic with family, friends and/or coworkers
  3. View St. Kitts and Nevis
  4. Volunteer
  5. Wear sun protection
  6. Take at least 1,5 litre of water per person 

Leave nothing but footprints

  1. Do not litter
  2. Do not leave the gate open
  3. Do not remove or harm any plants
  4. Do not remove or harm any animals

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