Some of the best diving in the Northern Caribbean, you won’t want to go back home.



It is $6 per single dive and $30 per year.

The proceeds go towards maintenance of moorings and staffing of the marine park. Snorkeling in Gallows Bay is free.



It is mandatory to be supervised by a dive shop when diving in the Marine Park. Supervision is also required if you wish to snorkel in our Marine Reserves.
Please visit one of the dive centres on the island: Golden Rock Dive Centre or Scubaqua.

Where to buy

Dive tags are purchased as part of your dive package at each dive center.


Dive under St. Eustatius’ crystal clear waters.

Meet the locals that live on our beautiful coral reefs.

Discover wrecks that date back to the 1700’s; teaming with fish, turtles and sharks.

Our Marine Park boasts 60 dive sites so you are spoiled for choice.

If you don’t dive, take a snorkel along the sunken old city wall in
Orange Bay or at Crooks Castle, there is always a sea turtle or
stingray hanging around.


Leave nothing but bubbles

  1. Do not touch or remove the corals or any other sea life
  2. Gloves are not permitted when diving
  3. You must be supervised by a dive centre on all dives
  4. Do not feed fish or other sea life
  5. Do not fish in the reserves

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