St Eustatius National Parks Foundation (STENAPA) announces the recent acquisition of what is locally known as Kings Well Resort. This strategic purchase marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the preservation and restoration of our island’s natural beauty and biodiversity.

The previous Kings Well Resort is now the National Parks Center.

The Kings Well Resort will be transformed into a state-of-the-art National Parks Center, serving as a hub for conservation efforts. The center will feature a laboratory dedicated to marine conservation, which will soon be expanded and developed into a cutting-edge marine laboratory. This facility will play a pivotal role in the efforts of STENAPA to grow native marine herbivores and out-plant them on St Eustatius’ reefs, significantly contributing to the recovery and health of the coral reefs surrounding our island.

Long-spined sea urchins (Diadema antillarium) are one of the important native marine herbivores to be grown and out-planted.

The National Parks Center will also enhance the provision of provide nature education activities and other opportunities for the community and visitors to the island. With the new center, field trips and other excursions will be expanded and insight into STENAPA’s conservational activities with be more accessible to children from the primary and secondary schools and after-school programs, and those enrolled in STENAPA’s youth nature education programs. Parents, the elderly and other members of the public will also find increased opportunities to join conservation efforts and participate in various educational programs.

“These efforts will not only enhance the biodiversity of our marine ecosystem but also support local fisheries, boost eco-tourism, and provide educational opportunities for the community,” expressed Dr. Erik Boman, Director of STENAPA. The restoration efforts will be conducted in collaboration with local, regional, and international partners.

In addition to the laboratory, and additional offices for Park staff, the National Parks Center will offer housing for students and scientists from all disciplines, fostering a collaborative environment for learning and research. Future development plans for the National Parks Center include a conference facility designed to welcome professionals from various fields and encourage trans-disciplinary discussions.

This ambitious project has been made possible with the support of the Public Entity of St Eustatius, the Nature and Environment Policy Program (NEPP), and the Ministry of Nature (LNV). We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these partners for their unwavering commitment to our mission and their invaluable contributions to the realization of this vision.