STENAPA is grateful for the time and knowledge shared during last week’s staff exchange between STENAPA, their Partner DCNA and our sister national parks foundation STINAPA. Being able to share their stories as well as their strengths and weaknesses will allow them to improve their effectiveness and impact on the health of nature. 

Staff members Achsah Mitchell and Sussette Hassell, along with consultant Hilda Doek travelled to Bonaire for this 3-day work visit. The first day was spent at DCNA to discuss matters that affect all parks. The group continued on Tuesday and Wednesday at STINAPA with primary accounting department staff, Kerenza Rannou, Anouk Bonenkamp and July-Ann Frans, as well as Tracy Jenkins from our education unit and Xenah Cicilia who is the communications advisor and spokesperson. They also visited all the different departments to get a better understanding of STINAPA, including the Washington Slagbaai National Park.

It proved to be very informative and the staff of both parks exchanged valuable information. Everything was organized and funded by DCNA and both parks are grateful for their continued support in bringing the staff of both parks together. The foundation has been set for continued direct contact and needed support, including future return visits. 

At the STINAPA Office with some of the staff.