Kids Summer Club with our younger group was eventful and in a good way. From trying on scuba gear at Golden Rock Dive Center to seeing the world under the sea by snorkeling, while understanding that we share the beach with our turtle friends. We managed to start the vegetable garden despite the rain but missed out on our hike to the Quill. 

Two clean up activities showed our troupers that it is A LOT easier to throw our waste in the bins than it is to clean it up off our roads, beaches and water bodies. Winding down with a swim and a barbeque was a joy and we look forward to next year. See you all again then. 

Our older children, aged 12-15, assisted our Terrestrial Ranger, Rupnor ‘Jobo’ Redan monitor the iguana population on the island. As deputized iguana patrollers for the day, they helped to measure, describe and identify the iguanas found. The following two days had two-fold activities: Day 2 – Hike into the crater of the Quill in the morning, with a swimming and snorkelling session in the afternoon, Day 3 – Maintenance and Gardening at the Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Garden in the morning and assisting at the Reforestation Project (ReforeStatia) in the afternoon, wrapping up their summer club activities. 

A pumpkin patch was added to the vegetable garden and the pumpkin seeds have already sprouted.  

Thank you, parents, for bringing them out daily. Thank you for allowing us to extend the day on Wednesday (for the younger group) to plant out the vegetable garden with the children. Feel free to visit the Botanical Garden to check up on the plants.