About this project

Turtles play a crucial role in the health of various marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs and sea grass beds. STENAPA is using photos of sea turtles as a non-invasive tool for turtle identification. Taking pictures of a turtle’s unique ‘cheek-print’, allows us to identify the migratory routes of individual sea turtles and their preferred chill spots. By learning more about the lives of sea turtles, we may ensure more effective protection and conservation of their species.

To get as many photos and learn as much as possible, we need YOUR help!

Turtle Photo ID & how YOU can become a scientist!

Using photo(s) of a turtle’s ‘cheekprint’, we can match it to other turtles on an international database to identify it. A sea turtle’s location and behaviour can vary. With information about the turtle in the photo, we will better understand how to protect them and their habitat.

The more photos we have, the better it will work! This is where YOU come in!
Become a (citizen) scientist and help us identify and protect sea turtles

Humans have fingerprints, SEA turtles have ‘cheek prints’
Have a close look at the two cheekprints, do they belong to the same turtle?

How can you help?

We need pictures of a turtle’s facial profile, preferably from (at least) the right side.

  • NO touching & NO chasing sea turtles
  • DO stay calm
  • DO keep your distance
  • DO zoom so you can stay away
  • DO let the sea turtle leave peacefully

We want the sea turtles to FEEL COMFORTABLE AROUND US, so THEY REMAIN CLOSE ENOUGH FOR OTHERS TO TAKE many MORE PHOTOS, and we can enjoy them for many years to come.

The Economic Value of Sea Turtles

Sea turtles keep jellyfish and sponge populations in check. This helps coral reefs stay healthy and diverse. In return, tourists may enjoy colourful reefs and local fisheries benefit from a larger variety of fish, helping both industries thrive. In other words: Sea turtles generate a monetary value for local communities. Protecting and partnering with the sea turtles so they can do their job also benefits us!