The second presentation in the Marine Park Information Series led to a discussion on what is being done to reduce the stressors to nature. The government, the private sector as well as individuals on Statia all have a role, and it is important that we do what it takes to reduce the pressure on nature. STENAPA appreciates all the efforts so far and is hopeful for meaningful change over time, if we keep up the fight.

How can you help?

Commit to recycling and proper disposal of all waste: If we are unable to achieve a zerowaste lifestyle, we would have to consider how best to dispose of the waste that we generate.

Avoid single use by switch to “reusables”: Using any material for only one use before disposing of it is wasteful. What’s even worse is when it gets into nature because it was not put into a secure bin. “Reusables” extend the lifespan of any material. It’s helps in the short and long term.

Get involved by volunteering in in projects and activities: A lifestyle change is needed if we want to change the world. We first have to change ourselves. Increase your impact by adding occasional volunteering to your activities each year. If everyone only helped once per year, the impact would be phenomenal!

Subscribe to our newsletter for periodic news: Whether or not you can get involved, staying up to date on progress and issues can help you determine what is the best course of action to take in your own life. We are part of nature so be informed about what is happening to nature globally, regionally and in our case, locally. Subscription button is located on the home page.

Special thanks to Yummy Tummy Statia for continuing to provide us with a central venue to get this information to the public.