Marion Schroen has explored Nature on Statia and has written a trail guide to help you do the same! STENAPA appreciates the passion that went into both the hikes and the production of this work. Get your hands on a copy and start your exploration of St. Eustatius’ National Parks.

Walking on St. Eustatius by Marion Schroen

The book ‘Walking on St. Eustatius’ is for anyone who wants to walk or run on this small island and to delve into the broader context of this tropical open-air museum. 

Whether you are a hiker or an armchair adventurer, coming for work or vacation, have an hour or a whole day, are a beginner or advanced; 
don’t pass up the opportunity to experience this impressive beauty and diversity.

Marion Schroen is a passionate hiker and trail runner. She is now devoted to St. Eustatius and has explored the island extensively on foot. Marion breathes the island and makes you a personal part of the highlights of the ‘Golden Rock’ with a keen eye for context.

The book provides background information on key points of St. Eustatius, describes 22 hikes and gives tips on hiking and trail running in the tropical climate.

Availability on St. Eustatius

In connection with relatively high shipping costs from the Netherlands, we advise residents of St. Eustatius to buy this book through the sales points on Statia. 
These are:

*Mazinga at Fort Oranjestraat (open Thursday between 5 pm and 6 pm)
*Golden Rock Dive Center
*St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation (STENAPA)
*St. Eustatius Tourism Office
*Scubaqua Dive Center