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The National Parks Foundation, STENAPA, is organizing their first ever Nature Chase on Saturday October 9, 2021. This ‘triathlon’ will give people the opportunity to experience all three National Parks and the Botanical Garden in one day.

Participation Fee: $45

Age Limit: 18 years old and older


  • Male / Female
  • Individual / Relay Team (3 persons, 1 event per person)


  • SWIM: 0.4 km
  • BIKE: 9 km
  • HIKE: 6.5 km
  • TOTAL: ~16KM

Estimated Total Time: 8hrs

NOTE: Please consider that this event may be postponed or cancelled due to any emergency Covid-19 measures. Refunds will be made if this happens to be the case on the day. We hope it does not happen, of course.

Routes – Maps and Directions

View Interactive Map HERE (soon it will not password protected) – Click ‘Open in Scene Viewer’ – hold down the scroll button while moving your mouse around to access the 3D view. Use panel on the top right to:

  • View some or all routes
  • View change in elevation along each route
  • View distance
  • … and more
Nature Chase Route Map
SWIM – yellow / BIKE – blue then brown / HIKE – red / Exit Route – black
Finish Point/Line: Green Circle


The first leg of the event is the swimming leg. Participants will be fresh and rested. They start the race at the Beach by Scubaqua on Oranjebaaiweg, then along the submerged historical city wall to end at Smoke Alley.

  • The starting signal will go off at 7:30 am
  • Estimated duration: ~30 minutes
  • Approximate distance: 0.4 km

Assistance will be provided by The STENAPA Marine Team and others along the Swimming Route. If at anytime you cannot continue, or have any difficulty, they will be there to help you.

  • Allowed: Wetsuit, any stroke(s), practice, courage
  • Not allowed: flotation or swimming assists (fins, mask, snorkel, webbed fingers).


Participants in the Bike event may or may not have participated in the swimming event. Therefore, this event will have two types of starts. Those that wish to swim and bike (and/or hike), will start cycling as soon as they finish swimming. Non-swimmers will start their biking leg 10 minutes after the last swim-biker has started the bike leg.

Smoke Alley -> Boven National Park -> Quill National Park

Estimated duration: 1.5-2 hours Approximate distance: 9 km

Allowed: Water and water bottles, sportsmanship Not allowed: Motor devices, alcohol, shortcuts

Part 1 of BIKE Route

Starting at Baby Beach, you will ride along Oranjebaaiweg and Von Tonningenweg, then turning left onto Sandy Road.
You will exit Sandy Road on the first left onto ‘Parallel Road’, using the roundabout to go all the way to the entrance of the Boven National Park.

Part 2 of BIKE Route

Turn around at the entrance to the Boven National Park and use the roundabout to get to return to ’Parallel-Road’ and then right unto Sandy Road. Make a left on Von Tonningenweg, to Paramiraweg and take the first right to get to Fort Oranjestraat, turn right then take the last left beside the Government Guest House. You will pass Wilhelmina Park to then turn up Rosemary Lane and continue all the way to The Quill National Park. This is end of the BIKE Route where you will leave your bicycle and start your HIKE. where you will begin your HIKE.

Bring your own bicycle or rent from Golden Rock Bikes +599 319 1196 / US Cell +1 908 417 1129 Perhaps you can rent one to train. Bikes have been reserved for Oct 9th.


Your hike starts at the beginning of the Main Quill Trail, then you hike the Around the Mountain Trail. Descend The Quill to cross the Finish Line as you exit the trail!

Estimated duration:  3-4 hours to hike (start descent no later than 4:00pm) Approximate distance: 6.5 km

If you are unable to continue or it is almost 3:30 pm, use your nearest exit – see the ‘heart’ signs and black lines in the map above.

  • Botanical Garden – You will be asked at a point after you leave the Botanical Garden Exit, if you can continue or need to turn back to the Garden.
  • Courtars Mountain

ALL Hikers will be given a mandatory 5 minute ‘Nature Break’ at a 4 checkpoints. Two of these checkpoints are at the exits. The other two points check whether you can continue or should turn around to the exit you passed.

  • Allowed: Taking photographs, leaving footprints
  • Not allowed: Removing or damaging anything in the National Park


STENAPA cannot host this event without the help of volunteers.

  • We are in need of :-
  • TIMERS – Needed to start the race or record the time when participants cross the finish line.
  • ASSISTANCE – Needed to provide water and assistance along the routes. Some of these volunteers will be handing out tokens to those that have made it to your station. Keep in mind that you can volunteer for either the Swim, Bike or Hike.

We will also need these volunteers on different legs – SWIM/BIKE/HIKE – which one are you comfortable with?

Volunteers are asked to sign up here: National Parks Nature Chase – VOLUNTEER

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Will WATER be provided?YES – Volunteers along the route will have water to refill your reusable water bottle. We are unsure if small snacks will be made available along the route, but refreshments will be waiting on your at the finish line.

Will precautions be made for our safety?YES – On land and in the sea. Assistance, adequate guides (objects and person), smooth roads, rescue personnel are all being considered and will be worked into the planning. Asthmatic persons are advised to volunteer instead of participate. Please be careful and we will do the rest.

When do I need to register by?SEPT 17, 2021 Register here

Do we have enough volunteers?Not yet Sign up here – The more the merrier. Please consider signing up as a volunteer if you do not want to participate.

Do I have to do all three legs, SWIM/BIKE/HIKE?YES – either as an INDIVIDUAL or as a TEAM. There will be an Individual Trophy and a Team Trophy

If I cannot finish the race, will I get a refund?No – Take on the challenge, train, be prepared and aim for the finishing line. If you did not cross it this year, maybe you can cross it next year. Maybe even win.

Do we get anything for participating – T-shirt, etc? – To be determined


Refreshments and a small celebration will be held at the Garden in lieu of the prize giving event later or the following day.

The management of STENAPA is hoping that many persons take advantage of this opportunity to experience the beauty of the Parks. And, also, be the first to hold the trophy of what we hope will be a successful event.

For more information contact the STENAPA Office at +599 318 2884 or

Come for the Fun, Flora and Fauna!!!