After many years of planning and contemplating, the National Parks Foundation, STENAPA, is organizing their first ever Nature Chase on Saturday, October 10, 2020. This unique ‘triathlon’ will give people the opportunity to experience the National Parks and the Botanical Garden in one day, depending on their level of participation.

In order to make the race accessible for everyone and all fitness levels, persons can take part in one, two or all three events including different combinations of ‘legs’. Persons can participate as individuals or as a relay team.

The accompanying map shows the tentative route that will be taken. Race day starts with cycling from the entrance of the Boven National Park along a pre-marked course, cycling ends on the bay where the second leg of swimming will begin. Swimmers will enter the water at Smoke Alley and end at the City Pier. Hikers then set out from the Tompi Trail to the bench on The Quill Trail and Around the Mountain Trail, stopping short to go to the Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Garden. Refreshments and a small celebration will be held at the Garden in lieu of the prize giving event later or the following day.

Tentative Route Maps

Tentative Cycling Route

From the entrance to the Boven National Park to Von Tonningenweg, small turn through Town then down to Fort Windt at WhiteWall, south of the Quill. The route makes a you turn towards Rosemary Lane, through Lodi then back to the top or Rosemary Lane to the beginning of The Quill Trail. (So far this route is for those who hike after cycling)

Tentative Swimming Route

Starting off at Smoke Alley on Oranjebaaiweg, along the submerged historical city wall to Baby Beach or the Jetti at the Statia Harbour.

Tentative Hiking Route

Starting at Statia Harbour along Oranjebaaiweg, a short climb up Tompi Trail then onward to Rosemary Lane, the Quill Trail until the beginning of the Around the Mountain trail, then a turn off to the Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Garden .

The management of STENAPA is hoping that many persons take advantage of this opportunity to experience the beauty of the Parks. And, also, be the first to hold the trophy of what we hope will be a successful event.

For more information and entry fees and so on, contact the STENAPA Office at +599 318 2884 or

Come for the Fun, Flora and Fauna!!!