The third presentation in the Marine Park Information Series ‘Keeping our Corals Healthy’ was a dive into the marine park. From the point of view of corals, Jessica Berkel, STENAPA’s Marine Park Manager, described the amazing world under the sea, the several ways we benefit, the large and small scale stresses that these corals face and what we can do to reduce our excessive impact on corals, coral reefs and nature on a whole.

Dive into the world of coral reefs with us. Enjoy!

We can protect corals together by…

*look but do not touch or remove corals

*disinfect dive gear before first dive and after last dive when visiting St. Eustatius, to prevent the introduction and/or transfer of coral diseases.

*reduce our consumption of resources as much as possible – everything in moderation

*control our waste generation and disposal

*be smart in everything we do

STENAPA is busy increasing the amount of trees on the island to reduce the movement of soil from land to coral reefs, removing kilos and kilos of waste annually from beaches and roads, working with AROSSTA to increase the population of the well needed long-spined urchin (it eats the large seaweeds that crowd out the hard corals), reducing the spread of coral diseases when noticed, and so on.

Each presentation hopes to share more and more insight into the exciting marine world with the public and its connection to us here on land. Understanding our connection to nature, land and sea, helps us all to work together to protect it, and to protect ourselves.

Thank you Yummy Tummy Bar and Restaurant for facilitating this series. See you all there next time.