St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation STENAPA is currently conducting search-and-rescue operations for Lesser Antillean iguanas. The government has asked the nature organisation to search for and safely remove the Lesser Antillean iguanas found on the cliff below Fort Oranje.
National Park Ranger Rupnor ‘Jobo’ Redan and interns will be working along with contractor ‘Acrobatx’ from France/French St Martin, which is tasked with carrying out the cliff-protection project around the fort. The first physical work for the project is set to commence in March, so time is of the essence. The team has already successfully removed one adult female iguana.

A camera was also set up after the team spotted an adult male in the area. Fresh tracks were observed, as well as other signs of activity. This work will continue throughout the week. STENAPA is grateful for the value placed on our native iguana. The Lesser Antillean iguana is critically endangered and is only found on six islands in the Caribbean: Statia, Dominica, Anguilla, St. Barths, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

In Statia, STENAPA has made every effort to protect the endangered species. The native iguanas face risks from invasive iguanas, wildlife and humans.