St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation (STENAPA) celebrates 30 years on November 21, 2018. This non-profit, non-government foundation started its journey in 1988. From then until now, the foundation has been busy protecting the precious environment of Statia’s National Marine Park, and the Quill/Boven National Parks and the Miriam Schmidt Botanical Garden. The National Parks protect 33 square km of Statia. This work is enhanced by the membership in the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, DCNA.


STENAPA’s activity is heavily powered by a continuous influx of interns and volunteers, from the island as well as from abroad. They offer their time and skills to various marine and terrestrial projects, and work along with park rangers and managers.Our projects include work on the critically endangered Lesser Antillean iguana, conducting patrols as well as park maintenance in the Quill and Boven, sea turtle protection, coral nursing and outplanting, and the list goes on. An exciting and upcoming project will involve the reforestation after the hurricane and the protection of marine mammals and sharks in Yarari Marine Mammal Shark Sanctuary, that was establised for Statian waters in September of this year.


We are proud to have worked with their partners: the government of St. Eustatius, the local fishermen, scientists, dive centres, schools, both local and abroad, the harbor and last but not least, the general public of Statia. The past 30 years have been a journey full of lessons, growth and service. STENAPA invites you on the journey of the next 30 years as they work with you for the protection of Statia’s environment.