Do you live on St. Eustatius and take beautiful photos?

Join our photo contest and win great prizes! Flex your photography muscle, whether seasoned or novice, by submitting a photo taken of Nature on Statia. Take an opportunity to appreciate nature through the lens and get creative!

Qualification for the photo contest

Photos posted by July 25th will qualify for ROUND 2.

Photos posted between July 26th and 31st will roll over into ROUND 3.

  1. *Tag us @stenapastatia (in the photo for instagram). It will change to Stenapa St Eustatius on Facebook.
  2. *Include the hashtag #STENAPAphotocontest2021R2
  3. *Like or follow one or all of our social media platforms

[STENAPA will like all qualifying photos. If you do not see a like from us, please check the qualifying list to see what is missing, or contact us at or +599 318 2884 for clarification.]

How and when will we choose the winners?

Stage 1: Photos across all platforms will be selected and shared in a post on July 26th.

Stage 2: STENAPA Staff will select the top three winners who will be announced on the last (week)day of each round.

For ROUND 1, that is July 30th.

The top 3 selected submissions will receive these great prizes.
  • 1st PRIZE: Boat Ride + Snorkel + Sports Subscription Combo (Gym and Pool)
  • 2nd PRIZE: Boat Ride + Snorkel + Mug or Reusable Water Bottle
  • 3rd PRIZE: Boat Ride + Snorkel + Reusable straw or Pack of Utensils (for your take-out meals)
  • *ROUND 1: February 1st to April 25th
  • *ROUND 2: April 26th to July 25th
  • *ROUND 3: July 26th to October 24th

We have a category for your children too!

Children (17 and younger), that do not have a social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) account, can participate via their parent’s profile on the following STENAPA Facebook Group:

STENAPA Youth Nature Education:

Qualifications for the Children Category
  1. *Photo posted in the Youth Group
  2. *Caption with -> Nature on Statia: [Insert any information, story or thoughts your child had about this part of Nature]
  • **Note: the child’s name is not required.
  • **Selfies also are not recommended.
  • **Likes/Votes will be from members of the group. Members can either represent themselves or act as proxy for their children’s vote (show them the options and like the ones they want you to like).
The four children who took the photos that received the most likes will receive:

Boat Ride + Snorkel (Oranjebaai) + small tokens!

Ideas for photos of ‘Nature on Statia’

  • ACTION: Animal in the process of catching or eating a meal.
  • AT REST: A spider in its web awaiting its prey, a perched bird…
  • CLOSE UP: Flowers, sea creatures, moss…
  • RARE: A passing whale, mushroom…
  • MINI-BEASTS: Bees, spiders, butterflies, moths…
  • COEXISTING: Animals sharing our homes, yards and work place with us.
  • CUTE OR FUNNY: Faces on rocks, animals or plants in hilarious positions…
  • BEAUTIFUL: Flowers, branches or leaves against the sky…
  • SELFIE: Where in nature do you feel at peace. Where do you find the most beautiful?

Please note these rules:

*Nature on Statia should not be disturbed by your photo-taking activity. Your photo should represent nature as you found it.

*Personal safety is first. Photos should be taken in the comfort of your own safety.

*By submitting your photo for this competition, you are sharing rights with St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation. This means we can share these photos on our platforms without seeking permission.

*Your photos should be original and yours. Do not submit any photo in your name that was found online or belong to someone else. However, you can include the name of the person who took the photo if they do not have a social media account but wish to participate via your profile.

*Only photos posted during the dates of each ROUND will be considered. This means that photos taken of Nature on Statia at any point in time will be considered for the ROUND they were posted in. This also means that previously posted photos need to be re-posted.

*Photos can only be entered once ever, not once per ROUND. This can change if a special competition is held between the winners of all the ROUNDS.

*Avoid photos of invasive species (corallita, etc) and livestock (sheep, goats, cows, chickens, ducks, guinea hens, etc).