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Our Marine Park Interns are busy month after month assisting the marine team with several tasks, some of which are routine like mooring maintenance.

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Location: St Eustatius

Duration: Minimum 2 months (8 weeks) commitment

Start Dates: Project is ongoing

Cost: $525 for the first payment (covers first two months) + $275 for each additional month – see Costs tab for further details.


  • Work with coral reefs in a protected Marine Park in the Caribbean
  • Take part in all nature conservation activities on the island
  • Assist in research dives and data collection
  • Help maintain mooring and diving sites in the Marine Park
  • Keywords: Marine Park, Diving, Nature Conservation, Internship

Caribbean coral reefs are diverse and sensitive ecosystems that are vital to island economies and the well being of its populations. However they are under threat. From water pollution to climate change many coral reefs across the world are in decline. St Eustatius National Parks are part of a Dutch Caribbean wide conservation effort to preserve these vital resources on the small island of St Eustatius (Statia as it is locally called) in the North-East Caribbean .

St Eustatius National Parks manages a 27,5 km2 marine protected area in order to preserve this fragile ecosystem for future generations. The marine park runs from shore to the 30m contour line and encircles the whole island which is unique for an island of its size. Within the marine park there are two reserves with specific rule and regulations. Part of our work is to ensure that these are upheld by the community and visiting tourists. In the past three decades we have seen a decrease in coral populations and diversity across the Caribbean. Through our coral restoration project we cultivate coral fragments to be transplanted back onto the reef to increase diversity and regenerate areas hit by disease.

Over the past 20 years we have strived to protect marine life in Statia’s waters: from tiny coral species to the giant seasonal humpback whales that migrate through our waters in the winter. We preserve these natural resources so that we can enjoy them for generations to come. Our interns are part of every step along the way, are crucial to the organization and to the protection of nature on Statia.

Marine park interns will report to the Marine Park Ranger each day to assist in all activities in the marine park. Each work day is from 7 AM- 4PM, with an hour long lunch break. Expect to be on a boat twice daily, diving many times per day. Most marine park maintenance and activities happen under the water.

There is a wide range of duties you can expect to help with:

  • Maintenance of mooring sites
  • Patrol Marine Park and Natural Reserves
  • Research dives and data collection
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Building buoys and splicing
  • Maintenance of diving equipment
  • Maintenance, organization and cleaning of work areas
  • Lionfish culling
  • Coral restoration
  • Nighttime patrol of turtle nests
  • Occasional trail Restoration in Botanical Garden and National Park
  • Assist in educational programs and events

All interns must be enthusiastic about volunteering and open to working with volunteers from around the globe.