Boven National Park - Photo by Robert Jan van Oosten
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About Stenapa

St Eustatius National Parks (STENAPA) is a non governmental, not for profit foundation (‘stichting’) incorporated in the Netherlands Antilles on 21st November 1988 and first registered with the St Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the 28th August 1995 (registration #80371).


Acquisition, preservation, protection and administration of parcels of land/water on St Eustatius, worthy of preservation, due to:

  • Scenic beauty and/or the presence of flora and fauna important in scientific or cultural respects or valuable from a geological or historical point of view;
  • Its purpose to serve for the well-being, the education and the recreation of the St Eustatius population as well as that of visitors, all this with due observance of the primary requirement of preservation.


STENAPA is the only organisation on St Eustatius with a mandate for environmental protection. STENAPA is legally mandated by the Island Government to manage all the island’s protected areas (the Statia National Marine Park, the Quill/Boven National Park as well as a young Botanical Garden) on the 21km2 island of St Eustatius. Collectively, the protected areas account for 33km2 - more than the total land area of St Eustatius.

The foundation achieves its missions through:

  • Purchase or acquisition of individual areas of land/water and the buildings possibly constructed thereon;
  • Administration, development and protection of these areas to do full justice to the preservation of nature, and scientific and cultural values and to the well-being of visitors;
  • Making these areas accessible to persons and institutions, who wish to visit to perform scientific studies, or for educational or recreational purposes;
  • Execution or stimulation of scientific research on these areas, for the benefit of science itself and the benefit of preservation of the natural and cultural values of these areas.


All activities of STENAPA are coordinated through the National Park Visitor Centre located near the harbour on Gallows Bay, St Eustatius.